Thursday, March 31, 2005

Day One

Having taken the plunge, I now find not one single thought forming cohesion! But in time, it will come together. This blog exists really for no other purpose than to give myself a place to vent some steam, air some oddities and document random ideas. If not one other person comes by, that's fine. Sometimes you just need an outlet - a place to vent some steam, regardless of its purpose.

I have two major loves in life these days - I write fiction, and I make and sell jewelry with my sister. Both offer up some interesting insights into life, liberty and the strangeness of the human animal. So mainly, my posts will be of two vents: What takes place in the crazy world of craft shows, farmers markets, art exhibits and that wacky thing we call "Selling your art to the public." Or, as we insiders call it - dealing with the whackos. My other vent is the wild and crazy ups, downs and frustrating middles of writing original fiction that's posted on the internet (at least until I get lucky enough to get published!!) - not holding out much hope.

But, since I've only just finally managed to get a name for this blog that wasn't already taken (trust me, FoggyBrain wasn't my first, second, or even thirteenth choice), and I've only just now figured out how this works - this post is about all I can manage today.

Tomorrow, April 1st, is in fact my birthday. No fooling. So this little outlet is my little gift to myself. I can sit here in the privacy of my own computer, spew forth wisdom, knowledge and experience, and pretend it all makes perfect, introspective sense. And knowing that no one I know is reading this, I feel more free to open up.

But since I tend to get a bit long-winded, I don't honestly believe anyone's going to make it through many of these! But that's okay, this is here for me. Seeing thoughts on paper or screen helps clear out my mind !